Classical Dressage Academy NZ
Natural Therapies

Natural Therapies and Holistic Medicine

Good Health Naturally for You and your Pet

• Homeopathy
• Homeopathic Vaccination
• Biochemical Cell Salt Therapy
• Own Blood Therapy
• Magnetic Accupuncture
• Detoxification
• Intestine Sanitation
• Nutritional Counselling
• Bach Flower Therapy
• Herbal Medicine
• Reiki
• Reflexology
• Horse Osteopathy

Claudia has been treating Humans and Animals in Natural Medicine, Herbal Medicine and Reiki for more than 20 years and has a well-earned reputation for  an excellent combination of treatment and training of horses and riders, which improves their physical and emotional wellbeing. Claudia’s therapies help to restore and maintain the body’s natural equilibrium, and encourage healing.

Many years of Reiki applications enable her sensitive trained hands to detect imbalances in the body. Regular Reiki treatment improves immune function and releases pain or tension of muscles. A combination of individually tailored therapies or nutritional supplements can heal or prevent health problems and also boost the immune system.

All these therapies are gentle and safe and can be combined with or used as an alternative to standard medical treatment, in a wide range of acute and chronic conditions.