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Friesian Stallion Arjen

The Dream Horse with exceptional Personality

Arjen is a majestical Friesian Stallion with exceptional beauty and remarkable movement, schooled to the highest level of Classical Dressage. His character is unique and honest and his intelligence is outstanding. He is always willing to work and he has the ability to perform the lessons of high school dressage  such as piaffe, passage, pesade, two tracks in all gaits and flying changes in series with comfort and lightness. He is also schooled in kneeling, lying down, spanish walk and is capable to do all lessons under the saddle, in hand, on long reins or even free without any bridle and saddle. Besides his talent for dressage he is also well suited for driving and a willing and able jumper.


Arjen is jet black and has a tremendous long, wavy mane draping over his powerful neck down to his knees. He shows grace, speed, stamina and a silky glistening coat. He is one of the lighter elegant types, very suitable for dressage from exceptional Friesian Bloodlines with the legendary Preferent Stallion Feitse tracing back to Tetmann on his sire and a Tsjalling mare on his dam lines. He was given 2nd premie at the FPS Keuring as a foal in Holland.


Arjen has been a sought after model by horse photographers for horse books (he is on the cover of the 100 year anniversary book  and brochure of horse history of the German Riding Association) and has been on posters for horse fairs and calendars. He performed in several horse musicals (e.g. Rhythms of the Night, Equitana Germany) State Stud Parades and many other events in Germany. Visit our gallery for further photos.


Arjen is available for service to Purebred Friesian Mares or Quality non-Friesian Mares. His progeny can be registered with the New Zealand Sporthorse Association or the Spanish Horse Association. Fresh chilled semen can be shipped nationwide, frozen semen can be shipped worldwide.